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Originally Posted by Liam
13% gay. Fuck you all, I dont care.

Haz: quit it with the necrophilia/paedophilia/other unfunny remarks. Its not amusing, and frankly its fucking disturbing. Also, if you use moisturiser you are a fag.


My mum keeps on trying to make me use moisturiser, as I need to 'preserve my beautiful skin'. Frankly, the only time I've used moisturiser is after I got a friction burn on my face from being kicked in the head.

Ode to Haz:

When your hand tells you that you're beautiful
before it does what no woman will do
its opinion is a little biased
by the fact its attached to you.

If you had eyes on the end of your fingers
and your digits had their own brain
Only your cruel and iron-like grip
would force them to pleasure again.

You're not a stud for having two 'lovers'
self bigamy is not something to boast
don't worry if you can't get a girlfriend
your hands will always love you the most
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