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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Yeah, and you're too straight. Probably why the women won't touch you with a bargepole. Either that or the fact you're ugly. Wait, no, that makes more sense. Carry on...
I dont think there is such a thing as too strait, i dont have sexual fantasies about men, and unlike you, im not in the hospital 2 times a week getting cum pumped out of my stomach.

I think on the upside, since you live on these forums you probably have all the ladies hanging off your every word, and giving you sexual plesures around the clock, oh who am i kidding, you will never get any... ever. Unless ofcourse you fuck a keyring, or somthing otherwise unable to run the fuck away from your dry, unfunny sense of humour.

Me ugly ?, sure, but your face reminds me of a 4x4 patch of gravel drive way, smattered with horse manua and rusty barbed wire.

PS: Burn in hell, thanks.
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