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Originally Posted by ryan
no need to go through this again, yet you make a comment like that? hmm.

if we're getting into jabs now, i could comment that you crave for that obnoxious obsessing.
Not from you I don't.

Seriously though, let's not do this. My fault, I know, and I apologize...but I was just joking. Your comment was a bit less jokey than mine was, in my opinion, but...I really don't want to start fighting, I'll take the high road here and say sorry.

Originally Posted by Hazzle
To get back on topic...hmmm...I wonder if maturity is something one looks for in a potential mate?
Sorry, back on topic. Yes, maturity is a big plus, but I do like someone who knows how to just kick back and relax and have fun without being being TOO mature isn't a good thing, there needs to be a balance.
xo Meg
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