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Originally Posted by holmes`
hmm.. well first off hello to all, new user here...

i'm 16 and i've never had a girlfriend but i still have ideas for i guess what you would call the "perfect girl." this may sound shallow, but unless i already know the person, looks are important because i would think that if i were to approach a stranger to talk to, it wouldnt be because of their personality, because hell, i've never met them.

uhh, otherwise they have to be cool and down to earth because one thing i can't stand are girls that are literally idiots and think they are better than everyone (the "popular" girls), if htey like good music and are cool to be around, i can dig it..
Dude that ain't shallow at all. It's different when you know someone already but if you don't, we all go on looks, that's just nature as you have nothing else. Sometimes you can get a clue to someone's personality, like a T-shirt with a band's name on it, so you know a common interest, or you meet at, for example, a Hitchcock retrospective so you fine a common interest...but other than's hard to know personality before you talk to someone.

And yeah, I think all guys want a girl who's really down to earth. I know I fact I tend to like a little insecurity, especially when it surprises me that they're insecure because it just makes them more amazing and alluring to me. Also makes me want to show them how fabulous they are.

The music and's nice to have some common tastes but too much can be boring as fuck.
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