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Originally Posted by Liam
Last time I checked, I wasnt gay enough for piercings.

Originally Posted by Scott
*quotes Seinfeld* Not that there is anything wrong with that
Course not, and Liam is anyway I still bear the ripped sphincter to prove it.

Originally Posted by Dionysus
i've never been big on piercings
so i dont have any, ive never had any, ive never wanted any
but, whatever, to each there own
I like a belly button piercing on a girl but I'm not overly fond of getting one myself. Tats are so much more manly and more expressive.

Originally Posted by hasselbrad
I've never understood straight guys getting their tongues pierced. A trend-whore of a guy my ex-wife worked with got his done. Problem: he answered phones for a living. He sounded like Elmer Fudd getting some fillings for a week.
Apparently it's good when going down on a woman <shrugs>. Not that I'd know of course...I am, after all, of Teh Gay.
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