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And so The Wavefront grew. Many great souls passed through this hallowed Valhalla and the banter flowed like wine. Fun was had, and it was good. It was in these early days that the term "community" was respected for what it was, and those who were at first a little shy at coming forwards (believe it or not The Haz himself was amongst those who found it a bit strange settling in before eventually feeling comfortable in his new surroundings) were encouraged to get involved, and form part of this community. Cliques did not exist, and The Wavefront was unified in seeking the pleasures of The Knightley one, as well as discussing many topics of general interest. The debates were intellectual, the spam was funny, and it was good. However then came Judgement Day, the day that banished The Wavefront from its spiritual yet rather paltry home. The Wavefront community had indeed grown too large for its original resting place, but the transition, however, was far from smooth and many great Wavefronters were lost to the wastelands of the World Wide Web.

More will follow soon (incidentally Poggs, if you don't like it, lock the thread, but I will post my musings in whatever form I deem it worthy. If you would like to propose a theory and then prove it using already known facts, feel free, and I will actually change the title of the first post to reflect your concerns. If you'd like to change the thread title too, feel free.)
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