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Originally Posted by Fox
My favorite in that department is a Christmas Carol adaptation with George C. Scott that I saw as a kid. Another good Christmas movie is A Christmas Story. I bought the DVD sight unseen. Then I watched it. At first I didn't like it. I thought the narration was annoying. Then about 30 minutes into it I found myself laughing out loud. And it's got its tender moments, too.
The George C. Scott Christmas Carol is by far the best one. I totally agree with you.

Overall, the best is probably Planes, Trains and Automobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy. If you haven't seen it yet, see it now. It's hysterical.

A Christmas Story is a classic. No one can deny that. And although it's not a film, I adore Blackadder's Christmas Carol. A must-see for all fans of the series.
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