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Repentant (or) Represents

Speaking of Trinity... I'll stick with the divine One, thank you - PASSION OF THE CHRIST (Trinity Box-Set), of course. Keep the vinyl... Three DVDs with bonus footage of bloody feetage (and some hand stuff, too). I'll take the three hundred and thirty-three hours of bonus behind-the-scenes special effects extras, to hammer home the true meaning of Christmas - George Lucas ILM, thank you very much. Put the CHRIST back in CHRISTmas! Screenplay by none other than The Almighty himself. Co-written by demi-god, Mel "MAD MAX TILL HE DIES" Gibson. Can you minions say Academy Awards sweep? One parts seas, the other Julia Robert's demure facade. Come on, people, how can this tag team go wrong? Heavens, it even comes with a box full-o-stakes - to curcify your friends & family with. Danny Glover to read as King James in directors cut. It's fun for the whole family. Plus, a crusifix and bible full of scriptures, to remind you of how you're not living your life up to God's standards... Who in the hell needs Dr. Phil.

All this for roughly the price of a few shekels. Come on, people. Get saved! After all, it's Jesus birthday. not Neo's!

Repent NOW and Save... your$elf!

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