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Originally Posted by Fox
You want humor? Here's some humor, Hazzle.

Question: What do you call someone who's half Italian and half North American Indian?

Answer: An "A-wop-a-ho!"
That was funny?! Oooookaaay. Sorry, didn't do anything for me.

Spoken like someone who has no children, and hopefully never will! You're either jerking my chain to see how I'll react, or you are one seriously sick bastard... if the latter, get thee some psychiatric help, pronto!
Don't want any particularly, happen to think I'd make a bad father (I'm at least honest enough to make that assessment) as, as much as my parents love me, they were hardly perfect role models of how to handle oneself, especially when it comes to Teh Temper and Teh Stubborness which I have in abundance. Oh yes, and the impatience. Actually I quite like fucking newborns...very tight. ARRR. And yes, I'm jerking your chain...I thought that would be obvious to a woman of your alleged intellect.

People can assume whatever they want about me, and if they are completely off about me, I'll let them know about it, and have a good laugh at the same time.
You'll find I assume nothing. I judge people on what I see, I hate pre-judging people. I'm skeptical, yes, but the book is very much open on you, and the jury is still out. Deliberations are ongoing. If you wish to bring fresh evidence to the party, go ahead, you might be surprised.

Now go away,
Errr...that's not me in that picture darling. So errr...why exactly are we linking my name to a supposed picture of you? You're an odd woman...
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