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Originally posted by Hazzle:
You need to get a sense of humour then.
You want humor? Here's some humor, Hazzle.

Question: What do you call someone who's half Italian and half North American Indian?

Answer: An "A-wop-a-ho!"
Originally posted by Hazzle:
Jet IS my son. Oh, and if it was a girl I'd be praising the teacher for getting him some. Tight cunts are always best
Spoken like someone who has no children, and hopefully never will! You're either jerking my chain to see how I'll react, or you are one seriously sick bastard... if the latter, get thee some psychiatric help, pronto!
Originally posted by Hazzle:
You profess to be a bright woman...prove it.
People can assume whatever they want about me, and if they are completely off about me, I'll let them know about it, and have a good laugh at the same time.

Now go away,
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