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Originally Posted by MeggieHoops
However...whenever I start to have REAL feelings for someone, I get scared and end up saying/doing things to hurt them...sometimes intentionally (as I'm sure some people around here know only too well... :icon_err: )
whoever could you be referring to?

i'll use the ol' poker analogy/matt damon quote on this one.

you can't win what you don't put in the middle.
this translates to: sometimes you have to take a risk in order to acheieve or win something. something (yourself, in this instance) needs to be put on the line in order to get what you want. good things don't keep happening to people just by chance. they don't get what they want by taking the easy road. life would be boring if we never had challenges or obsticles.
take a risk. if it fails, you get hurt. you're gonna get hurt anyway if you keep doing what you're doing. what do you have to lose?
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