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Originally Posted by Fox
Hazzle, you're right
I always am

Seriously? Your statement disturbs me.
You need to get a sense of humour then.

Sarcasm then?
If I have to explain myself, then the effect is wasted. I credited the reader with enough intelligence to know what I meant. You profess to be a bright woman...prove it.

I condemn your remarks regarding beautiful models posting on this forum… my defense of basic decency and etiquette, strongly. Eloquent, Just, and not a moment too soon. I protest in kind the cruel, nasty, cowardly attacks and personal attacks directed toward me and any of the models who have posted these on this forum. It matters little if the models in question are not to wee Hazzle "likings" you have to mention the word "model" every other word? It's as transparent as could be. Try a little harder if you want to persuade people you truly are an attractive model...odds are, like I said, you're a 40 year old overweight trucker. Ouch! I know someone who posted on these forums who was a model, she didn't go round telling everyone. Telling people tends to be a dead giveaway that someone's pants are on fire.

It takes a certain courage to literally make oneself pose, write, to whatever degree, before an audience, even a cyberspace one; I've revealed my most intimate and vulnerable self.
Yeah, too much information at times. Try a little less hard to please...k? Thanks.
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