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Originally posted by MeggieHoops:
Dude, chill.

I found your little statement offensive. I'm trying to understand what is expected of you when some jackass is rude to a beautiful female model. I don't read a lot of posts, so I may be missing the insulting ones, but I wholeheartedly encourage anybody who does rebuke a poster that is insulting the female models. I mean, this IS the reason most of us are here, isn't it? So, even if you have no interest in following the golden rule, at least use some common sense and try to encourage beautiful women to take the risk of posting on this forum instead of risking uncalled for abuse.

That's all I want here. It's that simple. These types of statements are the reason that many beautiful female models leave these forums.

Originally posted by MeggieHoops:
Maybe Hazzle was kidding and trying to make a joke? Turn the tables around. What if the boy was your 14-year-old son? What if it were a 14-year-old girl student and a male teacher. Everyone would be up in arms about it.

There are some relationships that should NEVER go personal:

priest (preacher)/parishioner

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