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IS or WAS?

IS? Less than a centimetre. That badger got me good.

WAS? 13 inches. Yeah, even at 5...oh what I could have been...

Oh, and since I missed it somehow.

Originally Posted by Jacoby
I'll participate, then, you hairy bastard.

1.) Why are English people so much cooler?
2.) Why the fuck is the hair on my chest beginning to connect to the hair on my neck? Also, when it grows in thick, can I pass this off as a sweater?
3.) What would have happened in four years if Kerry was elected President of the United States?
4.) Which one's cooler, Mario or Luigi?
5.) Lemme borrow 5 bucks?
6.) What's the best book you've ever read? Please, no Harry Potter's. I saw the pictures of you at the premiere dressed as Harry. Adorable.
7.) How ya been?
1) Because it's so fucking cold here. That and the fact we're all born inside freezer cabinets. Plus every other country sucks arse.

2) Because you're a freak of fucking nature dude. And yeah, when it grows in thick, dye it a nice shade of navy and it'll pass off for a very flash jumper.

3) Everyone in America would've been burying themselves alive to get away from the boring fucker. That or your entire country would've sunk beneath the sea, taking Canada with you (which actually wouldn't be that much of a loss)

4) Luigi. The green overalls are just so damned sexy.

5) No. Fuck off you scrounging hippy cunt.

6) I loathe Harry Potter. I just happen to look amazingly like him. Stunning good looks don't you know? My favourite book? The Kama Sutra. ARRRR

7) I've been good dude, how've you been?
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