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my friend at school. her older brother was in mighty ducks 1 and 2, in there basement they have a bunch of posters and pictures on the wall from the movie. he was also in drop dead gorgeous, movie that makes fun of beauty pagaents and minnesota, that's where we live. he played the highschool who got shot in the head, a minor character.

also my friends' parents know richard taylor,he's a big producer of LOTR movies, on the dvds and stuff. he went to carleton college in minnesota so three of my friends and their parents got to go the the movies' carleton college preimiere, about 2 weeks before the movie went into theaters, they got to see all three, but tickets were 50 to 75 dollars, the price changed over the three years, there was also dinner and an after party too. they also got a bunch of promotional stuff. like posters, and my friend gave me one made out to me signed by richard taylor. yes super sad...

my dad said he also met matt dillon at the mystic lake casino when he was filming a movie here. i forgot what it was called. i'm trying to think of minnesota movies (btw they havent made any here for a while, we cant give them tax breaks), well it was something in the 1990s. i'm not sure if he was making it up though, knowing my dad he could have been drunk at the casino and mistaken someone or just made the story up....
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