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Originally Posted by marry rich people
Fox, I think Hazzle was kidding in most of those quotes about female genital mutilation so no need to freak out. We all know guys couldn't live without the female orgasm anyway. Their daily dose of cockieness wouldn't be filled if a girl didn't orgasm.
I was not kidding. Most girls don't really orgasm with guys anyway, well known fact you bunch of oscar-worthy faking actresses. I say fuck women, fuck em to hell, and rip their genitals to shreds if you like...I mean we all know women are inferior to men, they were made second. And out of one of our ribs no less. Lower quality product that. Female orgasm=waste of time. Male orgasm (and the associated ejaculation) at least serves a fucking purpose!

Originally Posted by Ranman
I need to send a message to my last girlfriend thats its over
whats the most disgusting thing I can do or send her?
A couple of KKW's Aussie regulars will know where this suggestion comes from. Get a shoebox. Put on some rubber gloves and get some dogshit from the local park or somewhere. Put the dog faeces into the box, and close it. Then take it to her place, put it outside her door, on the doorstep, pour lighter fluid on it and set it alight, then ring her doorbell. When she comes out and sees the box on fire, she'll stamp on it to put it out and step right into the poo. Also send her a text shortly after to say "Fuck off plzthnx, it's over". If that doesn't work, God knows what will...other than getting some booby pictures and posting them all over the internet and at school and stuff. Yeah, that'd work too.
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