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Originally Posted by hasselbrad
Are the current cities of Oxford and Warwick the modern equivalent of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, circa 1600-1700?
NO. Oxfordshire and Warwickshire are COUNTIES. Huff! Cretinous Americans!

Also...have you ever heard of/been to a town called Balcom?
Neither. Sounds disgusting quite frankly. A bit like Grimsby. Or a small place by the name of Manchester which I hear is pretty skanky. Actually to be frightfully honest, leave London in this country and it's all filthy disgusting slums.

Originally Posted by Richard

I just found out that a teacher in my high school shows pirated movies to students in his class during lunch time, and actually sells them on CD-R's for $5 a pop. What should I do? I thought teachers were suppose to be role models and this is very inappropriate to be done on school grounds.
You should go buy some dude. That's fucking cheap. Your teacher sounds like an upstanding bloke, the very sort of pillar of the community that should be teaching today's youth. Children are our future don't you know?!

Originally Posted by Ranman
I got a real problrem

I cant decide

tuna or pizza for lunch?
Bit late but Pizza. From Pizza Express. Wait, you guys don't have that out there, do you? Shame...but yeah, Pizza. Ham and Pineapple. No need to say thanks.

Originally Posted by CollisionStar
OK, here goes:

Should I seize the duck?
Yes. He has been guilty of far too many crimes against good humour. Plus he's feeling a bit lonely and I think he'd appreciate the company, and a good shag too, if you're up for that kind of thing.
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