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Originally posted by Hazzle:
The female orgasm is a waste of time, and women quite rightly should be deprived of all sexual pleasure.
Gee, let's make it so that women don't enjoy sex, that way they won't try to find someone who is better in bed than me!" BULLSHIT!!! A happy marriage bed (as well as respect, honesty, compassion, etc.) makes the wife want to stay faithful... not an unhappy one!!! Talk about fucking up big time with THAT idea... stupid rat-bastard, whomever he was!!!

The problem with educating people that the practice of female genital mutilation is WRONG is this:

It's a fucking TRADITION now. Heck, for the people that follow that religion, it's just "something we're supposed to do", and goodness KNOWS they don't want their little girl to have a hard time finding a husband, so they send her off to get her clitoris chopped up with the greatest of intentions.

And for that, the little girls weep with the intense pain of the ritual, but do not know to weep for their loss, because they are too young to know of the pleasure they will be missing...

Not everything traditional and cultural is good, last time I checked.
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