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Originally posted by Hazzle:
What do I think about female genital mutilation? I think you're far too obsessed with it than could possibly be healthy.

I also think it sounds like a great idea. In fact female mutilation full stop sounds great.
WRONG!!! As far as female "circumcision" goes, I believe it is one of the most horrific personal crimes to ever be committed on females. The followers of this practice really have their heads up their Asses when it comes to this. The gift of sexual pleasure is one of the neatest things about being a woman, and my heart breaks for those who have had this barbaric ritual performed on them that will never know the pleasures of sex... only the pain of losing their virginity and childbirth. It is SUCH a monstrous crime against these females in this manner, and the reasoning behind it is ludicrous!!! They perform this ritual so that their wife will not stray outside of the marriage bed of her husband!!!
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