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Originally Posted by Pygmalion
Lol i haven't TECHNICALLy lost mine, but I've been in sexual relationships with other girls....I'm always a bit vague on whether losing your V's is only having sex with a man...
Losing your virginity as a girl is a pretty obvious thing...y''s not WHAT you did...or who with...but whether your hymen's'll it's supposedly more than a little painful (what isn't for a lot really did get the short end of the stick) and you bleed (yeah, nothing new there guys got a raw deal didn't you? Oh pun intended...)

Basically y'know...the cherry's popped...the ice maiden is no longer cold...the meat curtains have been pulled open...the beef curtains parted...the hotdog bun has been well and truly frankfurtered...the sausage oven has been filled to the brim...I think you get the picture. I'm so going to be lynched now, aren't I? It's all Cliff's fault

This is why when women have sold their virginity on Ebay (yes, it's happened) you can at least know...I believe on the old KKW we discussed how you'd know if a man who was selling their virginity was actually a virgin or just shit in the sack
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