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Originally Posted by duckula
Meeting people on the net is risky. If it the prelude to romance then I would essentially be worried that the person was ugly. Its not shallow, its true, I couldn't sustain a romantic relationship unless I was very physically attracted to my partner.
And the Duckmeister is BACK! Brutally honest as always. Now I disagree, as I'm very much a personality guy...looks means squat to me, largely as I look like a warthog's I figure if I expect a girl to look beyond the repulsive exterior...beyond the repulsive personality to the tiny shreds of decency I still hang on to (yes, I think there's still a tiny fragment of my warped brain that's still human)...the least I can do is look beyond their looks

On the purely friend level it works well and I have had a good experience with everyone I have met in real life from the net (shout out to those who have had the distinct experience of meeting me too early in the morning).
To me that's where all relationships begin...I've never been in love with someone who wasn't a friend (well, sort of friend) first...

Oh...and thanks for the shoutout...but please don't remind us of the experience...and I thought I looked hideous in the mornings!
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