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I need advice on a friendship...

Okay, to make a long story short, this girl and I, let's call her Angie, we were best friends from third grade to eighth grade. Then suddenly, in eighth grade, she MOVED AWAY without telling me. Just out of the blue. And the thing is, she lived right across the street from me. I guess it was too much of an inconvenience for her to walk 50 fucking yards to say goodbye to her best friend. I was crushed. I had to find out from someone at school why she wasn't there. I was extremely hurt and angry.

Up until last February, it had been two years since I had seen her, until she showed up at my door randomly. Wtf?! Just like that?! With no warning?! Well, we spoke for a while, but there were a LOT of awkward silences, and neither of us really knew what to say to each other. I got her AIM name. She’s been on and off frequently, and we talk sometimes, but not much. I just don’t see the point in being friends with her anymore. We no longer have anything in common, and we’ve both changed. I just don’t care about her that much. Am I cold?
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