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Originally Posted by qzx00
Yes, as I said this is the case most of the time but if you have a good girlfriend there are days when she isn't in the mood or you're short on time or what ever the reason when she will let you just beat it up. I can have a wank anytime I want, it's nice to have a girlfriend that will take care of it for you. I don't think there is anything wrong with that and it doesn't mean your lazy and don't care.
I guess I somewhat agree. If you are in a good relationship, there will be times when one person or the other is not in the mood. Sometimes there are certain temporary periods where one person may have things going on with their body and they feel it would be best to refrain from some of the sexual activties. I think some of you, mostly the women, will understand what I mean. During this time, I would never ask my girl for anything, but she will accomadate me. However, in my relationship its never just to blow a quick load. It should never be about that. It should be about intamacy and making each other feel good. Now I admit not every sexual experience, even with a girl you love, will be purely intimate and passionate. Sometimes when both member are...well, trashed, the sex reverts back to those untamed urges. That can be fun for both parties too. Okay hopefully I wasn't beating around the bush to much to be understood, but people do get uncomfortable so I trying not to be crude.
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