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Donnie Dorko
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Originally Posted by qzx00
While I agree with most of the stuff posted on this thread, no matter how much a guy cares about a girl there is no way he is 100% focued to her needs at all times. You would be lying if you claimed that. There are sometimes where you just want to get off as fast as possible and I think most girls understand that. There are sometimes where you'll have a girl that's just not in the mood but she'll get on all 4's and let you go to work. It works both ways in a good relationship, if you take care of a girl and focus on her needs and put in your work, she should let you have a day off and blow a quick load.
Bollocks. Utter bollocks. If you want to "blow a quick load", go have a wank, but sex should be mutually enjoyable. Personally I prefer giving than receiving and it actually turns me on to know that I turn a girl on. Makes the whole experience that much more fun.

Originally Posted by MeggieHoops
It just bothers me that people are such insecure pricks that they'd tell a lie like that just to make themselves look better.
Ouch. Brutal, but fair. She's right, why lie?

In a relationship, your partner should love you no matter what, no matter how much experience you've got, because sex shouldn't be the basis to the relationship anyway.
True story. Honesty, trust, respect, loyalty and obviously love are the essential elements to a relationship. If you're missing honesty and trust, then what's the point?
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