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Donnie Dorko
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Originally Posted by Fancyman
There have been several posts regarding sex in this forum, and quite frankly they have disgusted me thus far. Most of these posts have come from one indivdual, who I believe doesn't know shit about sex. Making a women "melt" is a lot more simple than watching porn and reading articles. Try watching your lover's expressions and reading her emotions.
True story. Try being hmmm...a decent guy? If the individual who Fancyman is referring to is the one I think it is, then I know the girl I love wouldn't look twice at him, and she is the most fantabulous girl in the world.

Now I really believe this individual is lost and confused. This person's posts are merely a cry for help.

Let me help you. If you want great sex, and you want to perform great oral sex, just pay your woman some attention. I didn't have to watch videos to learn how to please a woman. Talk to her, ask her questions, listen to what she has to say. They want you to succeed, they want you to learn.
Again, true enough. The girl I'm in love with actually thinks its very sexy that I'm not as experienced as her and she can show me what she likes. I mean true, we've only really talked about it at this stage, but still, I think a lot of guys forget there is a willingness on the part of many woman, maybe even a desire, to be a "teacher".

Then again if you're only interested in the physical aspect of sex, I have no further advice for you, just pity. Believe me, sex with a woman you love is so much greater than anything you pull out of a porn.

I guess what I'm trying to say is just respect your lover. Sex comes naturally after that. Let it be a learning experience, not some lustfull physical act. Honestly, from the posts I've been reading, you don't deserve to have sex and I hope the women in your life both real and imaginary let you go and find a man with some respect. You sir, need to earn that penis of yours.
Hahaha, cutting, but true. I think it's easy to forget that the core of any successful relationship has to be friendship, it's something to build on, it's something deeper and more meaningful. Respect and the connection you share is crucial. I like that I'm friends with the girl I'm in love with, and that whatever happens, I will always have that.
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