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Originally Posted by ryan
Haz keeps saying he wants a relationship with me when I visit London in two months.
I keep telling him I don't swing that way, but he's as stubborn as an ox.
Haz, I said no!
Ryan you should go for it, its not like you have any other options.

On a more serious note, internet is a communication tool. Like voice, body language, writing. The only problem is the anonymity.
I have become good friends with people online. I mean I met Liam and Hazzle, and will soon meet more people from here. One thing I've found is that getting on really well online doesn't necessarily mean you'll get on well offline. Luckily Liam is safe, and Hazzle is just about tolerable.

I am intensely wary of internet relationships, as to me it gives you all of the negatives of the normal relationship with very little positives. Closeness, trust are just not the same, I can imagine you feel the burn of upsets, which are greater in magnitude in any good feelings.
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