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Donnie Dorko
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The Either Or Thread

Basically the idea for this game is to ask either or questions, such as "coke or pepsi?" It's a great way to get to know people, it's great fun and I've seen them used really nicely on other websites.

The rules are basically as follows:

1) All questions have to be "either or". They needn't use both, but they have to be in the form of two options (and only two options, not three or more)
2) I'll start the game off with an either or question. The first person to post a reply, in their own personal opinion (there is no right or wrong answer), of which they like better or think is better or whatever the question is, then posts their reply, and a question of their own.
3) The first person to reply to them then posts their reply, and another question, and so forth, and the game carries on until either we get bored or the threads goes off on tangents too much.

*EDIT*: Would be good if I asked a question:

Popcorn: Sweet or salty?
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