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Just got back from playing online. Pretty nice. I was doing well, ranking in the top 3 usually, until the last game I played. I met up with a man named "Crackers" who overused the word "nigga". Anyways, he said he was going to beat the shit out of everyone there, and I told him I'd own his bitch ass. Game began and he kicked the shit out of me. I killed him once to every three kills he had on me. It was my third actual game, so I lacked experience, but it didn't affect it too much. He destroyed me and then talked so much shit after. It was fun though, and somehow we ended up as friends. I only got to play at my friends house for an hour, but it was a mighty fun hour. My friend has really great stats, though. He's gotten first about 54/58 games or so. Check out his stats: SuckMyDong
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