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Actually, moron, halo 2 has awesome graphics, and are quite up to date, I own a ps2, xbox and pc, the graphics are good depending on the game development and artic influence, not nessacarily the system, ofcourse the consoles have some restrictions, but the fact that they are only building the graphics for one set of system specs meens they can take more time and use the xbox to its full potential. That argument is pathetic anyway, the best games ive ever played are atleast 5+ years old, Graphics meen shit all. It's improved on every good thing in the first game, and pushed some first person shooter boundries on its own. The ability to throw ure oponents of any vechicle in many different ways is.. just.. freaking awesome. Weapons are more balanced and extremely varied, soooo many different game modes, online is awesome. Loved owning everybody, because i had already learnt the maps from having the game a couple of weeks early :P.

This game beats most Modern PC shooters, incl DOOM 3, UT2K4 ETC. Counter-Strike source and normal still shit on it, but they are different games, so its hard to compare. If you havent got an xbox, go out and get one for this game.
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