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Originally Posted by Sarah
and Jacoby, so what? Why can't I laugh at sterotypes? Thats what you all do about the British.

I don't give a shit.
Sorry, must have mistaken you as someone who gave a shit. And that Family Guy episode is the only thing I can think of that mocks the British stereotype.

I like Doulby. He's a friend. I just hate how most Americans respect and usually look up to English people and then we get pissed on. It's not our personal faults that us Americans spell things differently. Or pronounce things certain ways. It was neither Spire, Doubly, nor myself that decided to call our football "football". Sorry about that. It doesn't make sense to me either. Honestly, when I joined the KKW last December, I seriously wanted so badly to be English. Ask some of my friends. I wanted to move to Devon so badly. I even spelled words the "proper" English way. But then I wasn't really enjoying what was being said, and realized that I shouldn't try to be English. This is sort of dragging off topic now. But my dreams of living in England are...soiled. I'll go there for a year in college. See how everything is. If everyone's a cunt about me being American, and I know they won't be (well hopefully), then I'll head back across the pond. So far I've talked to one English person who wasn't an ass to me about everything. And his name is Paul. He was cool. Crap, this is dragging off topic again. I vote for Duckula to make the American threads for now on.
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