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This thread really pisses me off. Perhaps the starter of this thread has to get off his proverbial high horse and realize (notice my proud American "z") that the American people, the populous of the most powerful nation of the world, have spoken and have chosen their president. Perhaps the starter must recogni"z"e that, despite our pitiable understanding of the world around us, our culture is exported around the world more than that of any other nation. There must be something about our ignorance that the world finds attractive. I, for one, do not want to dechristianize our conservative nation by bastardizing our airwaves with curse words and I don’t want to jeopardize the foundations of our country by letting terrorists terrorize our homeland. I agree with Jacoby when he says that the starter of this thread was being hypocritical in attacking American culture. You British can take your royalization and shove it up you ass. If the Middle East is democratized, then heap thanks upon the US and Americanization for making the world a safer place for ourselves and for those who criticize our ways.
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