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Barrington you are something else?

Well actually if you looked beyond your backyard you might notice that there is American football in Europe. It’s called NFL Europe. Perhaps the reason that not a lot of countries play football is because it is an expensive sport. If you examine the major sports in Europe and the rest of the world you’ll notice there cheap to play. Soccer is the cheapest sport to play, all you need is a ball. Don’t get me wrong I like soccer and all, but you can’t put down other sports. And soccer is not a difficult game to play, it’s such a simple concept.

‘God save the queen’ Have you been brainwashed? I’ll leave it at that!

Rugby is a stupid sport, football is much better!

Again if you searched beyond your backyard you will notice that Baseball is played in all countries. Maybe not at an elite level, but it’s there nonetheless. Also Canada has an MLB team. Also there are player from all over the world in the MLB.

"Indecisive Day" Riiiiiight?

Roundabouts. What a foolish way to organize the streets. Traffic lights are much better and organized.

The automobile was created in America, But I have to say European cars are better. I stick to driving on the right side of the road. It’s you that is backwards.

All and all, you wrote a lot of illogical stuff please reframe from doing so again.

What weeeere you thinking?
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