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I'm actually psyched for Episode III. It will certainly be much darker than the previous two episodes: of course, most people will agree that Episode V, the darkest of the entire Star Wars hexology, is the finest film in the series. Of course, because it's in a current pre-trilogy that has not succeeded in the older three, I'm not putting a lot of credit into it. But I will see it.

I doubt Lucas would be willing to make Episodes 7-9. If I were to want those done, I'd want the Zahn books - the Thrawn Trilogy - to be filmed (because those were the first books Lucas allowed in the Expanded Universe), and to be directed/produced/written by someone other than Lucas, though he would definitely have a major hand in it. And the old cast seems too old to make those films, and it would be a major media coup to see who would be cast as the new Luke, Han, Leia, etc.
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