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Hey...I don't argue for the sake of it...

Oh who am I kidding?

The's better than a lot of the plastic American teen thrillers which are largely trash. However it's still poor. Generally Teen Thrillers are. It COULD have been a good film had Nick Hamm managed to get across the social critique the film was supposed to be about.

Y'see "The Hole" itself was supposed to be a metaphor for teenage isolation. But I don't think that came across so much as, for example, Danny Boyle's critique of, at least this is how I understood it, but of the dog-eat-dog society we live in, possibly even capitalism itself, which is of course the root cause of that "dog-eat-dog" mentality. I mean that's what I saw in Mark's image of climbing on top of people at the train station (God it escapes me right now which train station, but it was one of the major London ones ). Incidentally...if you're a fan of British films...that for me is one of our best in many years...fucking awesome.

The Hole...meh...compared to some of the stuff we put's crap. Not a fan of Hamm's work myself...but that may just be me. Now Boyle...I like his work...a lot.
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