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Originally Posted by Leonie
Yes, it's terrible.
You'll find that we're actually really tolerant here, we love everyone, whether they're gay, straight or somewhere in between. Don't argue for the sake of it unless your Haz

As for The Hole - I don't think we're ever going to agree Ah well, at least everyone enjoyed it. I bought the DVD a little while ago, for something like 6 euros. Right after I'd found BILB for 9 euros. That was a very fruitful Keira day
Well, here is a different story, I'm Bi and i still get shit from the people who call themselves 'my friends'. Eh, its so stupid. I argue, all the time. I love arguing.

-- Yup...not going to agree on the hole. Thats awesome...i found it for eight dollars i think...i might go back and get it. Not sure yet, i have it on video but i want it on dvd.
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