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Originally Posted by Hazzle
^^^^^ What she said.

Lovekeria. I didn't state an opinion, I objectively critiqued the film. I even SAID I liked the film. Thus you DO have the same opinion as to its enjoyability. My critique wasn't an opinion, it was an objective judgement of its quality. If you sat down and objective critiqued it, the camerawork, the plot, the lighting etc...and you think it was a great film (as in a well MADE film) then that's fair enough, but stating you liked it does NOT make it a good film. I liked it, I still accept it was a really badly made film.
And people can also have different points of view on critique, i thought it was a good quality movie. Ha. so there. Not reall, im just arguing. I did think it was a good quality film though, mainly because i fall in love with anything that is brittish...force of habbit.


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-- Isn't it annoying that he should have to itterate that he isn't gay...just my two cents.
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