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Originally Posted by bob
people will tell me that technically life's just starting for me. i'm not really in the need for a romantic relationship, though that'll probably change over the years. right now i still feel 12 so i plan to buy an xbox and really live it up.
Smart girl. My plan is an XBox for Chrimbo (I already have my trusty PS2) and I'll be utterly happy and be all like..."women? Meh...who needs them? I have GAMES!"

Yeah...I really am that sad

Have you noticed how a general discussion has just become you and I having a personal chat...I would bet good money a mod's going to tell us (read "us" as "me") off and suggest the use of PMs next time...then again having said that any mod thinking of it probably won't now to make me look stupid. Cunts.

I REALLY must get to bed...curse this damned US election. It's so much fun
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