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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Hehe. To be fair the problem lies with your end, not ours. I mean I hate to say this, but Nearoka has a point...if women stopped thinking "I can change him" and stopped acting like they want men to be cunts...then a LOT more guys would actually be nice. I swear so many decent blokes who've been burnt by losing out on a girl, or girls, to absolute cunts, end up becoming cunts. If you can't beat them, join them, and all that. I mean men ARE being educated on equality and so forth...but women keep reinforcing the gender stereotypes themselves.
i can kinda see where you're coming from. i guess we expect too much of guys, and when we criticise them they turn ugly. i actually think i DO expect too much. but i also think it has to do with the maturity of guys my age. i guess being in a girls school i expect 18yr old guys to act the same as 18yr old girls (when in a sensible state of mind, of course) but a lot of the times they're just too obsessed with loving themselves.

but then that actually has more to do with 1) the fact that they come from a boys school, and 2) the fact that they're 'north sydney boys' and are therefore retarded by default (no seriously, it must be an enrolment requirement or something)

my opinion is warped by the social bubble i've existed in these past 6 years.

Originally Posted by Hazzle
Well like I said...I think women are as much to blame for the nice guys changing as anyone. It's sad...isn't it? But such is life.
will you not allow me to insult my own race? i really don't get the obsession with being an asian ganster. it's so incredibly lame. i can't understand it at all! but then maybe i'm too white to get it :icon_redf
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