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haz the bitch. on the topic of lieing, cheating assholes:

i don't think it's a matter of women wanting a lieing cheating asshole. i think the attraction has to do with the types of personalities that these sorts of characters exhibit. as my dad says, watch out for the charmers (cos they'll literally charm the pants off you) for example, no-one likes a wife-beater. battered wife syndrome doesn't have to do with the woman finding the abuse attractive (if she does... er... chances are she's into s&m) they stay because a) hubby wasn't always like this and they're clinging, or b) hubby threatens to douse her with gasoline and light a match if she tries to leave him.

so when it comes to liars and cheaters, i think women are going a) but i like him and i can change him, or b) believe his lies because they want to and therefore this liar/cheater isn't a liar/cheater in the woman's eyes.

it's amazing what people can fool themselves into believing. i see a lot of girls who are constantly worrying about what their boyfriends are up to. whether it's "i haven't seen him in a while, i don't know if he still likes me" or "i saw him talking to this girl and i don't know what to think". most of these times, girls will just blame it on themselves. they think they're overreacting and should trust the guy more (sometimes they really should) or they think that they must have done something wrong for the guy to have cheated on them, when really the guy's just a jerk. we come up with all sorts of excuses for the guy, all the while blaming ourselves.
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