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i have this sub-text in my head that's going "sleeping around makes men popular, sleeping around makes a woman a social pariah" so yeah, we mightn't have stepped directly on the issue of equality but it's swimming around in my head. argh.

True, they probably do have self-confidence issues. But then, don't most women? Seriously, women are more critical, for example, of their own appearance than ANY man would be of them. Women, apparently, dress not to impress men, but to impress other's like women spend their entire lives living with the peer pressure one normally associates with teenagers. Maybe it's just penis envy <ducks>.
i'm going to ignore that last bit. as for the rest, yes, very much so. but that's because girl's are vicious! as they say, men fight with their fists, women with their words. we rely more on intellect rather than brute force
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