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Originally Posted by bob
you're ruining my playful image of green day. they're nice guys... nice guys...
Hehe...course they are

maybe your female friends have self-confidence issues. maybe that's why they've fantasized about being with another woman, because the guys they date are jerks and it's affected their opinion of the male population. so it's all relative
True, they probably do have self-confidence issues. But then, don't most women? Seriously, women are more critical, for example, of their own appearance than ANY man would be of them. Women, apparently, dress not to impress men, but to impress other's like women spend their entire lives living with the peer pressure one normally associates with teenagers. Maybe it's just penis envy <ducks>.

As for the guys they date being jerks, true, and it has affected their opinion of the male much so they expect all men to be jerks (with just cause, to be fair...good blokes are few and far between) and thus "settle" for jerks time and time again. Still doesn't take away from the fact jerks often win...and thus that man-whoring has its advantages. Doesn't mean I'D do it, but like I said, I'm a schmuck (and yes, I know what schmuck means in Hebrew...I still like using the word ).

but we musn't talk about equality between the sexes. i went to a girl's school and we've had the topic of 'women's rights' shoved down our throats over the last 6 years (in literally every subject BUT maths) we're all sick of it. it's like they've brainwashed us into feminists, but we still try to resist.
Hehe. I didn't realise we were talking about equality, I thought we were discussing whoring and whether men are predisposed to wanting slutty women who APPEAR to be innocent (the thin vaneer of naivette being necessary to fulfill some urge deep inside) and women predisposed to wanting cheating, lying, cocky arseholes. I'd answer yes to both, incidentally
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