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Originally Posted by Hazzle
She deserves a bitch-slap, no doubt. Whore.

Although Bob's point actually works quite well...I'd say men want whores but want to think they're innocent (hence the male obsession with schoolgirl outfits).

But Bob rebuttal...women want men who're we're SUPPOSED to whore ourselves Green Day sang..."Nice Guys Finish Last".
we should note that all the green day members are married and billie joe armstrong drives a bmw (luxury family car)

women don't want men who are cunts (because that would mean women want women ) and generally the worst thing a guy could do is cheat. people say that the 'nice' guy finishes last, that's not because he's necessarily a 'nice' guy, he's just a push-over without a personality who can't connect with the people around him. an actual nice guy is one who WOULDN'T CHEAT.
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