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Originally Posted by bob
haz, are those seriously your initials?
True story. My initials are synonymous with excrutiating surprising

I'm with Ashlyn on this know I am. Don't let it fuck you over. I've told you what I think you should do, but it can wait...and yeah...focus on the HSC, because end of the world or not (and Bob is right on's not the end of the world fucking up exams, no matter how important they are) you'll be mad at yourself if the REASON you fuck up is some girl who quite frankly isn't fit to lick your boots (although I suppose it's not your boots you get her to lick Sorry, bad joke...but it was too obvious not to make it...). Focus on the HSC, anything else is a secondary consideration for now. Right now it's fucking your head up and you don't need that.
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