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haz, are those seriously your initials?

the hsc sucks mucho asso. i find it's easier for me to give advice, rather than take it. so i'm a major ass hypocrite. i can be like "study, yeah, be organised, don't stress, it's not a big deal" and what am i doing? the exact opposite of everything i say.

IT SUCKS. i didn't answer half my paper on friday or my maths one on the previous monday, i didn't finish two essays for my two english papers. i'm doing worse than my trials, i had an estimate of 82 when my previous estimate was 89.5 and i was trying to get up to 92. i'm doing worse in the actual hsc meaning i'll probably do worse than my estimate. i'm going to get a uai under 80. i won't be elligible for ANY of my selected courses, i'm not going to get into UNI. i've fucked up big time.

but on that note, it's not the end of the world...
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