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I look forward to Spider-man II very much. I can not believe I'm the first one to post that movie. It looks to be better than its predessor in every single way. I'm waiting for this movie like a little kid at christmas.
Oher movies are Hellboy, King Arthur and Wimbledon.
Wimbledon is a romantic comedy starring Kirsten Dunst and Paul bettany set during Wimbledon(duh).
I'm have in the last few months become a resurrected Dunst-fan, which makes it even more grieving that Eternal... is only shown in three cities here in Denmark and none of them are close to me.
But apparently we also post movies here, which got a releasedate very far from now(Constantine and Star Wars).
To that list I'll add Serenity. Joss Whedons directorial debut.
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