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Originally Posted by Richard
I liked it.
Just so there's no confusion over the rest of this post, I'll repeat: So did I.

But just for the record, it's a rather easy film to follow - if one can get passed the accents. I never thought the movie was scary, but I did think it was original.
And I agree with the first part of that, it's very easy to follow. It also wasn't scary, but did you really think it was original? I thought it was riddled with cliche, and whilst the concept of "The Hole", as in the bunker, was a nice concept, and had huge potential, I felt the film suffered from an abundance of tacky cliches (the popular good looking girl who just HAD to have an eating disorder serves as just one example) and actually wasted a great chance to make a truly good British film.

Incidentally, for my money, best British Thriller of recent years has to be 28 Days Later...but that's slightly off topic
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