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Originally Posted by MeggieHoops
Guys suck, no?
Certainly, I'm an a**hole

I would say either 1) Fuck it, its only high school, and if there is one thing I know from high school is that almost all the guys that you meet in high school are way below the standard of maturity that many girls set (not saying that I'm above that standard or anything). Even in college, the ratio of immaturity to maturity in males is something like 80:1. But then also, in college, you are much more likely to meet a guy who wants to think about finding someone he can marry, not just date (which is not the case in High School).

2) Try and stick it out, but if he continues to ignore or show dis-interest to you, screw him, he's not worth your time, and life's too short to spend time on guys who most likely wont be there in 10 years.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, and I know this stuff isn't easy, a friend of mine is going through the same type of dilemma
what to do
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