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Originally Posted by Elijahfan
...i dont know how to put this, but my relationship with my mom is sorta fucked up. she favors my brother more, it's very appearant and noticable, my older sister agrees too. she babys my brother and spoils him while she expects me to act like an adult, not that i dont around her (homework and chores wise), but she wants me to be a parent in certain situations. she leaves it up to me to do chores like everyone's laundry, dishes by hand, cook, clean, watch over my 20 yr old brother all the time when he's home. since my brother has a car he can leave anytime he wants to but then my mom calls home and basically plays 20 questions with me on where my brother is, with whom, to where did he go, what did he do, did he eat...etc.

it's just that she expects me to be an adult but treats me like i'm retarded and doesnt give me any respect for all responsiblities that she places on me. i'm not saying that there isnt a way to come to some solution but i can't just agree with her at this moment. and yes i guess it's better than not having a mom, but i'm coming from the point of view where i think it's better to not know at all (you can always imagine the possiblities), then in my situation knowing that my mom is just fucked up and being stuck with crap.

i've been telling her for a year now that i want a job at the target store located a minute from our house, which is a good example of responsibility, but she brings up who will drive me and i say i can walk or ride my bike and she says it's still too dangerous. sometimes i think she's just making excuses so i cant do anything to help myself. no money, tied to home.

.......i think this is going to lead to a lot of therapy.....
lol. You sound like my sister. hehe.

No, you don't need therapy, lol. Quit whining. You're mom is crazy, yes, but what can you do about it? Just stop overacting and breathe. You'll feel better. Cleaning and cooking and laundry builds character. hehe. Actaully, I wish my mother would teach me how to cook. I think we all go through a stage of hating our parents. It'll pass. Just promise me you'll survive.
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