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Originally Posted by LoveKeria
Dosn't mean everyone else is going to have the same opinion. Exibit A...i dont.
You could watch a film and say that some of the actors were bad. That lines were delivered in an awkward way. That certain characters were too flat to be convincing. All of the above does not mean the film is not enjoyable, it merely states facts about the quality. The entertainment factor may still be there. Some people may only enjoy films of good quality. Others believe that a film does not have to be Oscar worthy (i.e. well made, not necessarily entertaining) for them to like it. Your opinion may differ on whether or not you *like* a film, but you can judge its quality objectively.

Hmmm. I think the following bit may contain a bit of a spoiler. It's not like we all don't know the storyline already, but I'll warn you anyway.

Do I think The Hole is a good film? No. Do I like it? Yes. It had some really good things to it. I really liked the first half or so, and at that point I was lost and no longer understood what was going on. I mean that in the best way possible Anyway, me and my sentimental heart were thinking "What, they're not dead after all?" I liked it. It had its funny moments ("But I'm not gay!" "Yeah yeah..."), bits that freaked me out, overall an enjoyable film. But quality-wise... No. The ending was weak and not that convincing.

Like you said in one of your earlier posts, when I watch a film, I get caught up. Most of the time. If I do, that means I like it, if I don't, it means I'm bored. I can't say I enjoy all the art house kinda things that get made, I usually can't care less about the characters, although people would argue those are films of quality. K, I think I've tried to proved my point enough now
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