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Originally Posted by EmotionSickness
Whoa. Wait a second there, 'keiraknightleyorg'.

You've 'stolen' photos from KKWavefront's galleries without giving THEM credit before (a bunch of photo shoot pictures ... the one's with the cowboy hat and pretty much all the pics you have in your "Photo Shoot Set #6 AND #7" plus many others. In all, I'd say you've taken over 100 pictures without giving them any credit whatsoever (that I can find on your page).

As far as screen caps go (which you claim marilynka stole from your site) also stole a ton of caps from Pure from Paul ( and gave him no credit.
I don't mind people using my pics as long as they leave my URL watermark on. It shows that *I'm* the one who's gone out and bought the thing and taken the time and trouble to make the caps and upload them. You have deliberately cropped my watermark from the bottom of the Pure caps. That is not on. Remove them.

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